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How much do your products cost ?

Schuco is our flagship product. It is recognised by industry experts as the 'best in the business'. We try and supply the product at incredibly attractive prices. Additionally we also supply zigzag 'platinum' doors. These are a more keenly priced product and can be supplied fully bespoke or in standard modular sizes and represent the middle of the market both from a quality and price perspective. Your Vision Home Design representative will discuss your requirements in detail and advise you accordingly as to which product best suits your needs. Both systems are slimline and borne of the commercial marketplace so therefore of a fantastic quality.

I would like to buy your products on a 'supply only' basis.

Vision Home Design are happy to supply all products without installation. Please ask your representative for more details on measuring, delivery etc.

How long will it take for my products to arrive ?

In general once all documentation has been approved and signed off by the client we will normally be on site within 4-6 weeks. Timelines vary according to the type of product specified, and we will keep you fully informed at all times during the manufacturing process.

How long will it take to fit my new doors ?

On average a set of folding sliding doors or sliding doors will take one day to fit. Associated building works will take 1-2 days. Aluminium windows in general can be fitted in 2-3 hours per item depending on size, location and complexity.

I would like to take out old doors/windows and install your products but I would like the size of the aperture both width and height increased ?

Vision Home Design are happy to arrange all necessary building works for our clients including brickwork removal, installation of structural steels,structural calculations, building regulations and all making good. We do not however do any plumbing work that may be required such as the removal of a radiator from the working area. Clients must arrange a local plumber to undertake such works.

What colours are available ?

A full palette of RAL colours are available, greys, blues, blacks, even metallics. We supply 'Matt' paint finish as standard and we have a series of 8 standard colours which we recommend. Please see product pages for recommended colours.

I would like timber doors as opposed to aluminium.

Vision Home Design will supply timber doors in a range of stains and painted finishes. Please ask your representative for further information and costings

I would like upvc doors as opposed to aluminium ?

Vision Home Design do not supply plastic products. The durability and longevity of upvc folding sliding doors and windows is not the same quality as our systems. With all the moving 'bits' of a folding sliding door we know plastic products will not perform long term as well as our aluminium systems, particularly for coloured doors with expansion of the plastic systems being a very big cause for concern. Our modular range of aluminium doors compares favourably with plastic doors if price is the main criteria. We offer Vision Home Design platinum in woodgrain finishes if you are trying to match up to existing upvc foiled windows.

What are your payment terms ?

We ask for a 25% deposit upon signing of contracts. We will now conduct a technical survey and produce a 'sign-off' document for both client and the company. Once products have been manufactured and installation dates agreed we will require a 65% payment pre-delivery. When all works have been 'practically completed' clients will pay installers the final 'installation fee' of 10%. Both the client and the company will then sign off the project and all completion paperwork and certificates will be issued. If we are 'supplying only' we ask for 25% on order and 75% pre-delivery.

What guarantees do you offer ?

All Vision Home Design products come with a comprehensive range of guarantees for up to 10 years. We as standard take out deposit and guarantee indemnity for all contracts which will cover the client in the event of a company failure. Clients can also pay deposits by credit card and will be covered by law from the credit card company deposit indemnities.

I have south facing doors. How do i know my room will not 'overheat' ?

Vision Home Design offer a fantastic selection of glass products including 'solar controlled' glass which will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We also offer 'self-cleaning' glass for a small additional cost.

I am happy to be featured on your website/literature. What does this entail ?

Vision Home Design are keen to have our installations on our website to show prospective clients the quality and standards of our products and services. We will offer you a 'featured project discount' if you would like to be involved in these promotions. If you so require you do not have to have your name mentioned. Pictures speak a million words !

I live outside of the areas you retail within. Can I still buy your products ?

Yes. Vision Home Design will deliver free of charge anywhere in England or Wales. But we will in general install within the areas shown, Installation can be done 'out of area' but will be charged at for at an additional 50 pence per mile plus accommodation if required.

How do I arrange for a quote ?

Please fill in your details on the contact page. If you are looking for products and installation/delivery within the next few months we are happy to arrange for a home design visit, where we will discuss your requirements, colours, options, costs, suggest designs etc. If the project is simple we can offer costings onsite. On projects particularly involving windows we will take all measurements away and produce a detailed quotation for your perusal.